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Mark J. Brewer

Intuitive healer, pastor, evangelist, missionary, teacher, wellness facilitator, counselor, dowser and Reiki Master (Shihan) are some of the roles that Mark has assumed in the last 40+ years during his quest to walk in the “calling” that he first sensed during 1963-64.  While his primary message is to encourage an authentic relationship between the individual, the surrounding environment, and God; a secondary result has been to participate in assisting a number of individuals to experience physical miracles in their bodies.  In recent years, he has placed a strong emphasis on teaching individuals how to participate in their own self-discovery and healing process through techniques such as Reiki self-treatments, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Luminclear™, Quantum Touch® and Immunics.

Mark has found that a key to self-discovery and healing is to be able to monitor and adjust the “many bodies” that a person consists of, whether this is at the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or some other level.  To do this, it is necessary to tap into the intuition so that there can be an understanding of both the “current status” that exists, and also the “ideal condition” in which that body should be living, and how to move toward that state of wholeness.  While there are various methods that can be used to access intuition, Mark has found that an effective one can be learned through the use of basic dowsing skills.  His workshop on “Tapping Your Intuition and Walking in Infinite Light” teaches how to access the intuition, make necessary adjustments toward wholeness, and walk in continual fellowship with the Source of Knowledge and Wisdom.

An ordained minister, Mark served on the board of directors of the Canadian Society of Dowsers for four years and and was their President for two.  He is currently on the board of directors of the Kiwanis Club of Brampton and is serving as their President .  Maintaining a full-time Reiki practice in the Toronto, Ontario area, Mark travels extensively speaking to dowsing and energetic healing groups, conducting “healing services” in local churches, and teaching Reiki classes. 

For further information, please consult his web site at www.ReikiToronto.com, email him at mark@ReikiToronto.com, or call (905) 791-8320.

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