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How Does a Distance Session Work?


The Distance Treatment works much like a "hands on" treatment, from the standpoint of the length of the treatment.  I will spend 30 to 60 minutes treating your body while you are seated in a comfortable chair, relaxing with your feet firmly placed on the floor (this "grounding" is not required, but I would like for you to do it if possible), or while you are lying down.

Typically, I will only treat four individuals per day with distance treatments.  Often my clients require more than one treatment, particularly if they are dealing with cancer, or other types of significant upheaval; so there is no guarantee how quickly we will respond to you.  

Please send me an email explaining your situation.  I will respond as quickly as I can.  Then I will probably exchange some additional emails to establish an initial treatment time that is mutually acceptable.  Its possible that I may have to place you on a waiting list.

After the first treatment, I will await an email from you explaining what type of sensations you experienced and any changes that may have occurred in your condition.  Then I can decide what additional steps would be beneficial.

Who provides the treatment?

Treatments are done by either myself.  I am a Reiki Master.   I am also an ordained minister with over 40 years experience in energetic healing. 

How much is the treatment?

Usually, Reiki treatments are comparably priced to treatments given by licensed massage therapists in the local area. 

Payment can be made at the time of the treatment by cheque or cash.;  I also do some treatments on a donation basis for individuals who cannot afford the regular fees.

Simply enter the amount of the treatment that you are selecting into the payment link below:

     43n39, 79w23     43n41, 79w46     43n15, 79w51     44n24, 79w40

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