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What takes place in a  Reiki Treatment Session?  


A Reiki treatment is either done in a chair, or on a Reiki table, similar to a massage table.  In his practice, Mikao Usui typically would treat the head and neck with the patient seated, and then would treat additional areas of the body as he sensed the need.  A standard set of hand positions was later developed, and is the basis for the typical Reiki treatment in the western world, with the patient lying down.  The standard hand positions are on the head, the torso, and the back.  As trained, intuitive practitioners, we will follow a standard set of hand positions, and add additional positions as appropriate.  The client is always fully clothed during the treatment.  Treatments can be done by either one, or two practitioners.  Pictured here are two of our Reiki students performing a treatment during one of their classes.

How much is the treatment?

Usually, Reiki treatments and other energy balancing techniques are comparably priced to treatments given by licensed massage therapists in the local area. 

Payment can be made at the time of the treatment by cheque or cash.



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